Book Squire

Manage your Library Account for Free

This site lets you keep track of your library accounts in one simple easy to use interface. You can manage a single card or a number of cards at once. Supporting multiple cards is especially useful for families.

Enter each of your library cards with their associated pin in the form below. The pin is a relatively new feature of the Westchester Library System (WLS) and is typically the last four digits of your telelphone number.

If you've been using the WLS or your libraries web site to see your account then you have the information you need to use here. BookSquire is simply a front end to the WLS designed to aggregate your account information in a single screen.

Library Card NumberPin

After you click submit you'll get a page that reports on all of the library cards you've entered. They'll be listed in order. At the bottom of the screen there is a link called Consolidated Report. Click that to have your results for all cards consildated into a single report.

Note that there is a form at the bottom where you can give BookSquire your email and you'll get emails when something important happens to your account (hold arrives, an item is due within 3 days or if somethign becomes late).

Also, notice that once you have your report you can bookmarket the url and return at any time for a one-click check on all your library card accounts!

More than 4 Cards

If you want to enter more than 4 cards you can use the following form. Simply enter each card followed by it's pin using a colon to separate.

For example, 1234123412:1234,1234123412:1234,1234123412:1234,1234123412:1234,1234123412:1234